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Online platform

MyVAT is specifically designed as a self-service online platform to keep the cost as low as possible for our clients. While our platform will help you to select correct FX rates and VAT rates for your monthly sales, if you require in person support to help you calculate and submit VAT returns each month then this product is not for you.


Registration Fee
  • This is a non-refundable one-off fee when you sign up for the MyVAT service. This is to cover our client onboarding costs, the processing and submission of your IOSS application and the issuing of your unique IOSS number.


Subscription Fee
  • This is your ongoing monthly subscription and covers your ongoing MyVAT IOSS representation and processing & submission of your monthly IOSS VAT Returns. This fee covers you for up to 5 packages shipped in the month.


Per Package Fee
  • This low per package fee is charged for every additional package shipped in the month over and above your free monthly five package allowance. This charge is added to your VAT payment when you submit your return.


Payment Fee
  • If you need to make an IOSS VAT payment for the month then this is the MyVAT payment processing charge. You will only ever need to make a maximum of one IOSS VAT payment a month, even if you sell to lots of different EU countries. This charge is added to your VAT payment when you submit your return. If you sell nothing in a particular month, then there is no VAT payment to make and no payment fee to pay.

Please note:

Even if you sell nothing in a given month you need to let us know and submit a NIL return for that period.
Your package allowance is monthly and does not accumulate or roll-over. Any unused free allowance packages in a given month are lost and you get a maximum of five free packages in any given month.

Pricing example

Typical costs over 6 months

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Sell low value goods to all 28 EU member states without customs or VAT friction from just €10 a month.

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