European Sales

Our self-service product enables you to seamlessly sell to all 27 EU member states without customs or VAT friction from just €10 a month.

Simplifying Selling

We will obtain your own unique EU IOSS number and will manage your monthly IOSS Return submissions and IOSS VAT payments.

Centralised VAT Payments

With MyVAT you can access the whole EU market with just a single VAT return and a single VAT payment each month.

A streamlined process

How does it work?

MyVAT is owned by Desucla, one of the largest Fiscal Representation businesses in the world. This is how it works;

  1. We register your business for Import-One -Stop-Shop (IOSS) and give you your own unique IOSS number for shipping to Europe.
  2. You charge your EU customers the relevant VAT at point of sale and use your IOSS number when you ship relevant goods to Europe.
  3. On or before the 15th of each month, you login to the MyVAT platform to report your sales for the previous month. This is designed to be a very simple process and, if needed, our system can even help you find the correct currency exchange rates and VAT rates to use.
  4. If a VAT payment is due for the month, you make a single local payment in your home currency to MyVAT (either by card or bank transfer) and we process the onward payments to the relevant tax authorities.
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simplifying selling

What is Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS)

Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is the new regime for consignments* of a value less than €150 being sent B2C into the EU from 1st July 2021.

This replaces Low Value Consignment relief across the EU and makes VAT apply to all such B2C movements under a simplified regime whereby;

  • No VAT or duty is due on import
  • VAT is due only on sale according to the nature of the goods (at standard or reduced rates)
  • Merchants appoint an IOSS Intermediary to represent them before the tax authorities, submit IOSS Returns and process VAT Payments
  • Merchants obtain their own unique IOSS number (which is linked to their chosen Intermediary)
  • Merchants can trade freely across all EU member states with a single IOSS registration and a single monthly IOSS return

IOSS is not mandatory but is designed to simplify selling to Europe and make things as efficient as possible. If you do not register for IOSS you can either:

  • Have your customers pay the VAT due themselves when they take delivery of your item(s). This often comes with additional courier costs for the seller and significantly impacts client experience and repeat business.
  • Register for VAT locally in Europe and obtain a VAT number in each country you sell into, paying duty and VAT on import and charging VAT to the customer subject to the normal rules. This approach creates significantly increased cost, compliance and reporting responsibilities across multiple countries.

The EU hopes IOSS is an attractive alternative to the above options and will streamline trade with the bloc. With your IOSS registration you can access the whole of the EU and you only need to submit one VAT return together with a single VAT payment each month. Your IOSS return and associated payment must be submitted to and processed by your IOSS Intermediary.

Sell low value goods to all 27 EU member states without customs or VAT friction from just €10 a month.

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